Communities and Local Government

The County Council is still refusing to engage in any kind of proper dialogue with its people, over anything, but the following factors need to be given a wider airing, and if anyone in central government, particularly with the focus on lobbying, would like to take this further, then all the better.
The government has announced the final version of new planning rules, in a move to replace the "too expensive and too complicated
The consultation will run until 27 April. If we are to ensure that the government delivers on its promise to be the greenest government ever, then I hope Liberal Democrats across the country will respond to the consultation positively, and ensure we can move further down the path to Zero Carbon Homes.
A default "yes" to development should be removed from the Government's controversial planning reforms, a committee of MPs
We all know that times are tough, and we need to learn how to do more with less in every aspect of government policy, including social housing. But even at a time when we are borrowing £400 million every day, government will still be spending billions on getting on with the job of tackling the housing problem in this country.