Sharing activity has proliferated in the last few years. Thanks to the rapid growth in applications like Uber and Air BnB, more people than ever are exchanging resources with each other to reduce costs and contribute towards sustainability. But while sharing cars and homes has become the norm, what about other resources like energy?
The last few weeks have been emotionally trying for all of us. With tensions running high ahead of the General Election, we
When it comes to community pharmacy it really does seem that the Government has been trying to pull the wool over our eyes. In December 2015 Ministers announced that hundreds of millions of pounds would be taken from pharmacy budgets over several years. The sector, they said, should make its fair share of efficiency savings.
More 'consulting' with communities won't address the decline we see in some parts of the country. We need to rethink our
Ending age apartheid and promoting social integration between generations can help build a country for all ages, where we are united not divided. In Brexit Britain that must be an ambition worth sharing and pursuing.
Thorough consideration must be given to how all of these risks can be mitigated and the role and judgement of doctors - those who are best placed to support their patients - must form a key part of the conversation.
Last week, I completed six years as a trustee and board member of navca - the National Association for Voluntary Community
At the end of October, London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched his 'statement of intent' consultation document - A City for All
The Government's decision to push ahead with the huge funding cut for community pharmacies shows no understanding of the
So while the headlines today are right on the money, let's not lose sight of the elements of this programme that could work and that must form the basis of future programmes to support these vulnerable families across the United Kingdom - including lessons for work in Scotland. If we do, we'll be failing them all over again.