Cars, commuters and congestion are a modern dilemma, impacting economies, productivity and health. Individual car ownership makes no sense – but technology could fix that.
IoT promises to improve traffic flow, and transform how we live, move, work, and play in our cities.
Having someone to talk to and receiving employee support goes a long way towards reducing mental health concerns, preventing absenteeism for mental health illness and increasing productivity at work as employee concerns impact less on a working day.
A week that seemed to start off so well for Sadiq Khan, has already fallen apart and it's only Wednesday. Given his swift u-turn on this pledge and others he made during his election campaign, one is left wondering what else the new mayor will fail to deliver for Londoners.
Every day, millions of people across the world turn to technology to help them plan a journey - whether they need to figure
A pregnant woman has shamed London commuters who refused to give up their seats despite her wearing a 'baby on board' badge
1. Go electric An alternative for those looking for a cost-saving, fuel-sparing and hassle-free way to get to the office
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Thousands of people cram themselves into train carriages every day, slowly losing the will to live whilst spooning complete strangers.
As the Tube strike hits London and commuters complain of travel chaos, this infographic reminds us of the pitiful access