compassion in world farming

Fish are complex, sentient animals, that deserve a stress-free death
CCTV will be mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England under new plans unveiled by the Government in a move hailed by animal
It comes 20 years after nearly 70,000 sheep died in the Indian Ocean.
A total of 28 organisations around the world are joining ranks for the day to host rallies, marches and talks - from London
What would happen if we change to an opt-out scheme and there is still a shortage of organs? If that happens society may decide to use pig organs - I hope it doesn't - but if it does we must ensure there is no increase in the number of animals used for human purposes. This means we will have to cut back on some other use of animals - in the case of pigs that means eating less meat.
It's a myth peddled to children from an exceptionally young age; before they can walk or talk, with colourful picture books showing happy animals grazing by duck ponds in lush green fields. In these story books the farmer and his wife are a picture of health - their bonny children and a mischievous-looking dog at their sides.
This is the first time MRSA of livestock origin has been found in British pig meat. The findings indicate that British consumers are already being exposed to MRSA in retail meat, with a person eating pork twice a week likely to be exposed to contaminated meat once every three months.
For a generation of consumers shielded from the realities of factory farming, brought up on picture-book images of Old Macdonald and his small farmyard idyll, reinforced by advertising and often misleading labels, the truth often comes as a shock. Putting farm animals back on the farm could be a big vote-winner too; many people mistakenly think it's where they are anyway!
Here were pigs on slatted floors, covered in excrement, lame pigs, injured, bleeding pigs, dying pigs, dead pigs left to rot. It was a horror film - but so much worse than seeing a horror movie, because this was reality. So I'm shocked, shocked that any farmer worth that honourable title would treat their pigs like that. I'm shocked that governments, vets and farmers' organisations haven't seen that the law is followed. I'm shocked that the European Commission is only starting to take action.