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Despite the growth of online markets and digital applications the mark of success is still "getting off" the Internet and into "the real world" a gathering of publishers and tech start-ups has been told.
Consider if you could never see your children play football or swim how you would feel? Yet thousands of us don't bother to do these things or do so less and less. So you have a choice. If not for your sake then for little David's or Brittany's sake-do the right thing and put a limit on Game Station time equalled by activity play time.
The mission in these games is almost always a fight for your life. Whether that's in the fantasy playground of Wii or the simulated war scenes of Call of Duty, with violent graphics and emotive language that desensitise a person to killing and bloodbaths, the result is the same - raised levels of adrenalin, the fuel of aggression.
We've seen a lot of 3D street art on HuffPost Culture, but there's something joyful about Leon Keer's fantasy worlds we can't