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Now, it's well known women play games and also typically play different types to men, but I'm not here to cross examine ladies (no matter how much I try to make that happen). My point of interest is far more pixel focused: Who are the first ladies of computer games?
Max Payne is back, and he's in more pain than ever. Max Payne 3 will launch on 18 May, dropping us nine years after the events
Gaming moves at a pace that means in but a few months this article will most likely seem ridiculous. But, like a digital Nostradamus, I shall offer my thoughts and remember anything that may come to appear false is simply a code for a greater truth.
Parents who let their children play addictive video games have hit back at claims they increase playground violence and lure
Violent and addictive computer games are luring youngsters into a fantasy world of drugs, murder and crime, a union leader
Violent computer games damage the "tender young minds" of children, a teaching union has warned. The Association of Teachers
The NHS should offer support to people addicted to the internet and video games, the chairman of the Commons Home Affairs
So why is a child's mind so inherently poetic? A good portion of it comes from the fact that children are at a linguistic disadvantage to their elders and will often brilliantly bridge the gap in a creative fashion.
There are three new additions to this year's FIFA game, FIFA 12. They are Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling and the
One of the reasons why I wish I liked computer games is that I have currently lost my partner to one. Well, not lost. I know where he is. He's in his room, killing people in order to steal their souls and sell them so he can buy soft furnishings for his house.