Computer Hacking

The size of attacks has increased exponentially, thanks to the cyber criminals making use of the IoT. These devices are typically designed to be quick and cheap to produce, and have very poor levels of security. Essentially stripped-down versions of your home computer
Young people with highly technical computer skills could become targets — or instigators — of organised crime, the government
UPDATE: The tool appears to be struggling to cope with demand. In the meantime change your password. More than five million
I remember the days when hacking was something that people did because they could. It wasn't quite done for fun, but people wanted to show off their computer skills. More often than not, hacking was harmless, someone broke into a system and left a little calling card, but beyond that there was very little damage done. It was for the thrill as much as anything.
We already know that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on virtually every computer connected to the internet
The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning alerting people to a mass 'ransomware' spam email. The email - which
A total of 22 law firms feature on a list of organisations and individuals linked to rogue private investigators, MPs have
Charities and police have warned that computer hackers are able to watch victims through their laptop webcams. The practice
Apple has become the latest big company to admit it has been a victim of computer hacking. The multinational said there was
A 52-year-old man has been arrested by detectives investigating computer hacking linked to business espionage, Scotland Yard