computer simulation

The question we're faced with is whether unexpected events such as Trump and Brexit make it more or less likely that we are living in a simulation. Are they the kind of thing we should expect to see in a simulated universe?
It does take time, or rather I ought to say money, to go racing... Racing is expensive and whilst one might think "Gosh paying for simulator time when I could be on a track" is indeed true, but mixed in with a planned racing or track time schedule, the simulator will save you money in the end.
Our universe may in fact be a computer simulation, former Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees has said. Speaking at the Wired
Depending on your point of view, and possibly your age, Anthony Cerniello has just showed us the elegant transition from
For one thing, discovering the universe was a computer would also mean the end of death, since there would also be no life of which it would be worth speaking. This is a significant improvement on life as we find it today.
Physicists say they may have evidence that the universe is a computer simulation. How? They made a computer simulation of