The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have received a selection of condoms as part of a maternity gift from the government of
A new series of remarkable psychology experiments is about to be published which reveals a powerful, yet hitherto unsuspected, influence on girls' sexuality, and it's right at the heart of family life.
Up to 12 per cent of women could be allergic to human semen – with symptoms ranging from irritation, itching, painful urination
Essex Police have released a picture of a man suspected of stealing £90 of condoms, saying they are keen to talk to him in
The number of gay and bisexual men contracting HIV rose over the past 20 years because many more are having unprotected sex
Condoms, when properly used, can help prevent STI and HIV transmission. If you're sexually active, use your judgement and ask whether your partner has been tested. Better yet, why not nix the suspense and make getting regular STI screenings a New Year's resolution?
I am not walking across a beach but there is sand, and the above description is indeed of a condom. A pink condom. A filled condom. And I'm about to eat it.
Semen is good for your mental and physical health, a study has found. Whether it enters the body orally or via unprotected
London has narrowly avoided being flooded with fake Olympic-branded condoms. The counterfeit rubbers were seized by Westminster
JLS star Aston Merrygold seduced a girl by showing off condoms with his face on them. The unusual seduction method worked