The Olympics, like all major sporting events, offer us a rare chance to shed our snotty London skins, and British reserve, and cry, shout and hope with everyone else. This Summer, London is going to be a Nike ad. Only with more sex. And queues.
A planned pregnancy is a life-affirming and often joyful choice made by women in the West. However in the developing world
We're getting something very wrong and it's the fact that schools are too scared to talk about the fluffy parts of our lives that actually influence us to make the correct decisions. Confidence, avoiding hurting others, why every one is getting wasted, understanding that we have a right to say no.
As politicians, MPs, bankers and leaders of industry, not to mention newspaper editors, grapple this weekend to understand whether Cameron's decisions over a new European treaty set the UK up for success or financial failure, the real talking point hasn't been the behind-closed-scene deals, or the long-term ramifications, but whether Sarkozy snubbed Cameron's hand-shake or not. As with so many things, it's the people and the relationships at the heart of the matter that pique our interest...
Durex is set to launch a new blood-flow boosting condom that promises to improve a man's erection, increase his stamina and