Conference 2012

This government is letting down our young people by failing to build a modern education system fit for the modern world.
Conservative strategists who assumed that the leadership question would hand them a decisive advantage at the next elections will be hoping this is a flash in the pan. Here are six reasons why they are likely to be disappointed and why Miliband now has the edge over Cameron.
With the American presidential race nearing its climax, and the Tory party conference bringing that particular political season to its end, the globe's leaders and would-be leaders have enjoyed significant laser focus from the world's media this week. Or rather, their spouses have. The saying might suggest that behind every successful man there's an equally successful woman, but in today's world it seems that behind every successful man, there's a woman whose dress sense/lipstick choice/career path (sadly often in that order) is to be analysed and debated across the political spectrum.
As the government acknowledges, the reality of effective aid is far more complicated. We need to empower people in the communities we work to campaign for better health services; for better education; and for laws to protect children from early marriage and harmful labour.
In my blog following Labour conference - I asked David Cameron to grab back One Nation from Ed Miliband. Today he set out a way to do that. But it can't just be about one conference speech. He needs to land that idea in the electorate's mind day after day until May 2015.
David Cameron has been accused of ignoring cuts to disability benefits in his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference
Once again stealing the limelight on centre stage, Boris Johnson has lifted the spirit of the Tory party conference and has unsurprisingly hit the headlines whilst doing so. Does he secretly have ambitions of one day leading the Conservatives? Let's see where we are in 2016.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt gave a highly-personal defence of the Conservatives' attitude to the NHS on Tuesday. Hunt, attacked
Bookmakers will be counting their losses today after David Cameron defied expectations by racking up more than 100,000 followers
Chris Grayling arrives for today's session of the Conservative Party Conference "We want a welfare system that supports the
David Cameron has denied he envies Boris Johnson's "rockstar status", just hours after the mayor was given a "celebrity-style
Frightened householders who over-react when confronted by burglars will get more protection under government plans, the new
George Osborne has been accused of targeting the poor and young families after he announced a government plan to cut an extra
George Osborne pledged to cut a further £10bn from the welfare budget in his keynote speech to Conservative party conference
George Osborne attempted to mark his government out as radical, reforming and tough on Monday, in a speech that outlined
London Mayor Boris Johnson has championed the cause of middle income families, saying they're feeling "utterly and understandably
Seeing as we wildly speculated about who could succeed Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband based on no evidence that their positions
Boris Johnson today declined to rule out the possibility of a future bid to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister
William Hague today tried to seize back Benjamin Disraeli for the Tories after Ed Miliband last week claimed the One Nation
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has unveiled a "new deal" for forces reservists as he encouraged large firms to follow the