When we asked junior doctors what they found most challenging in dealing with patients in our survey, the results highlighted the sheer breadth of emotional, psychological and professional support they require.
Wedding season is upon us and for those of us lucky enough to still have some friends without kids that also means it's one
What's going on out there, guys? Spiking your colleague's drink with Vodka is not shocking. Childish, maybe. But not shocking
Sex: a lot of the time it's fun, but sometimes it can be completely and utterly embarrassing. There's often a lot of bouncing
Uh Oh. Glasto goers' deepest darkest confessions have been revealed and they are more hardcore than ever before. Like remember
As you pass your hotel maid in the corridor you may wonder if she or he is secretly whooping it up while you're out, eating
Recent (and maybe not so recent) graduates often long for the days of university life: freedom, cold pizza, Topshop discounts
It is the 29th October 2013 and over the next few days two significant events are about to happen. One event being Halloween and the second being the removal of my toenail from the toe that went to market. In not wanting to repulse you by talking about the latter event.
These are the confessions of a live tweeter who ... is not tweeting live. There, I've said it. This evening I'm due to attend a big event from which I'm supposed to tweet events as they happen. And so I will. Except the content of the tweets has - largely - been written in advance. It's all being written by me.
I started working for a well-known international travel agency in 2003. The reality, I discovered, was very different from the dream. There was a constant stream of people in and out of the small, three-man shop we had. We'd seldom get to eat our lunch before 3pm.