“Even if I go back to my village, I do not know how to live anymore. I have lost all hope.”
“It is unacceptable that Virunga’s rangers continue to pay the highest price in defense of our common heritage.”
“A massive humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in the Congo almost unnoticed,” said Mark Smith, World Vision’s emergencies chief.
HuffPost traveled to Congo to document efforts to fight this deadly disease.
When did you last think about Congo? For those of a certain generation it probably reminds you of Um Bongo, the super-sweet
HuffPost travelled to Nigeria and Congo to film the devastating toll that three illnesses take on local people, and what’s being done to help.
Africa is highly anaemic of leadership that understand where it is coming from and where it is going.
Will the African body stand up for the battle-worn people of the Democratic Republic of Congo?
The United Nations says hundreds of thousands of boys and girls have been forced to flee their homes in the greater Kasaï region.
The Congolese sun is gleaming off the earthen floor but I feel cold. I'm knee-to-knee with a tall, dignified woman called Bawili, who's talking me through the day her teenage daughter was gang-raped. Bawili speaks quietly, simply - the details are the more harrowing for it.