As people start to assemble, make sure everyone has been introduced to everyone else - however long it takes, do it. It's a courtesy, which your guests will appreciate and it's the height of bad manners to ignore this simple ritual.
"I personally wouldn't have taken the risk...", said one of my friends the other day, over a coffee, appalled at what I'd done with my daughter. "You never know...", she said, her eyes widening.
According to the National Wedding Council we are just days away from the official start of wedding season. In fact, June 21st marks the day when the nation will be caught up in a joyous few months full of the sights and sounds of happy couples saying 'I Do', guests breaking into rapturous applause and celebratory confetti being thrown into the air.
Brazilians call them the Lucky Trucks or Caminhões da Sorte. They roll into town every week and in the remote mountain and jungle villages of Brazil they're a familiar sight. Parked up in the square, these gigantic HGVs - where the lottery draws are held - also sell national lottery tickets and provide simple banking services to people in some of the country's most far-flung villages.
доброе утро, صبح به خیر, good morning, Too often, many of us are far to quick to jump to conclusions, judge people and form
Despite negative stories in the media and concerns in Government, the social networking revolution is here to stay.