Graphic video last week showed two police officers shoving Martin Gugino to the ground during a protest in Buffalo, New York.
Proud Boys, QAnon conspiracy theorists, Infowars fans and other assorted pro-Trump extremists descended upon Orlando on Tuesday.
If pub conversations and online comments are anything to go by, everybody seems to know someone whose friend works in waste
Did you know 12 million Americans believe their country is run by shape-shifting lizard people? How about the theory that
The villagers of Kalachi in northern Kazakhstan are sporadically falling into a deep sleep - and no one knows why. People
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There's more to these societies than passwords, secret handshakes, and hazing. Find out which crazy societies practice cannibalism
No-one can enter without the express permission of the Vatican - and when they do get in, they can't even browse the shelves
Doomed flight MH370 was shot down by the United States after being remotely hacked, a former airline boss has claimed. Ex
There's been a lot of talk lately but everyone seems to be be missing the truth. This video my save your life. Watch it and heed its warnings.
The feeling is that it's all a big conspiracy by Green Technology business interests or Communists or Politically Correct people, or whoever it is that they're currently feeling narky with. I'm quite amazed that no one has yet linked Climate Change propaganda with a plot to impose Shariah Law, but I assume it will only be a matter of time.
Right now a film is being cut for YouTube. Within the edit, clips from various media broadcasts of Monday's shooting in Washington DC are being selectively stitched together. The film will start by suggesting a deception has occurred, one wrought in the American people by shadowy, unseen forces. It will distance itself from other conspiracy theory videos, purporting to show "just the facts" about the events at the naval dockyard.
The anniversary of the Great Fire Of London was yesterday, and now, cars are melting in the street opposite where the deadly
In scenes of anticipation unmatched in the Commons since the Iraq War vote, ministers have been forced to explain their attendance
Christian Horner refuted implications that there could be a conspiracy at Red Bull as Mark Webber suffered a disastrous weekend in China. The Australian was the center of controversy after the Malaysian Grand Prix where his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, disobeyed team orders and took the win from Webber's pre-race plans.
It is of course important that citizens do not take the word of our governments at face value. They often lie and cheat and cover things up. But it is a very selective application of epistemological standards that marks the 9/11 Truthers.