Interacting with new people and having a conversation that goes deeper than surface level doesn't have to be painful.
Expert-backed advice to help you feel more confident when dealing with people who make you nervous.
It was only when lockdown began that I realised how important those tiny interactions with strangers were to my quality of life.
The president's daughter tried to insert herself into a conversation between world leaders and it ended in... ridicule.
I came to really love the coming out process. But it was also a bit like planning a wedding guestlist: trying to keep across who I’d told and who I still had to tell, and trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
These days many of us are so glued to our phones that we’re out of practice when it comes to conversing in real life.
Nothing generates conversation quite like those immortal five words: ‘What team do you support?’
The friend who whispered, “F*ck, mate. Oh f*ck,” at my dad's funeral made me feel less alone
We can't see everything our kids are doing at all times; and it's something that if we tried to police, it would only build up resentment. Similarly, we can't ban the tech our children are using - it's about finding a balance, setting time limits and offering alternative activities to being online are good starting points.
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