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Another 'feminism'-inspired social media debate is brewing at my university and, once again, you'll find me with my head in my hands. I didn't participate in the previous debate and I don't plan to change my ways in the new one. It's quite likely that this week's new debate will resemble last term's debate, in both nature and in quality.
The most important question that must be asked on this subject is, where will it stop? If Rhodes's statue is taken down, then surely others must go? Perhaps the numerous statues of Winston Churchill that exist around the country should be taken down?
The difficulty is that it is very hard to stop that stigma from seeping into the lives of those who experience it. The more that we hate rapists and are disgusted by that crime, the weirder we feel about those affected by it. If a crime is so heinous, horrific and life altering then how can survivors look like normal people, act like normal people and still be sexually active like normal people?
Today I am especially proud to be a part of Brunel. Last night our students organised a mass walk out of the 50th anniversary "Big Debate", in protest of the Universities decision to invite Katie Hopkins onto the Panel.
We can't be bystanders. We need to be proactive and lead by example to stop this culture from defining what masculinity 'should' be. We mustn't be complacent, because that leads to complicity. I know I don't want to be responsible for creating exclusive spaces that are only for the few, and not for the student movement in its entirety. Do you?
Heavyweight feminist intellectual Germaine Greer has recently attracted the ire of the Thought Police for her comments about
The theory of safe space is that people of all identities and backgrounds have the freedom to express themselves in an environment that is tolerant - great. However, the current, rigorous enforcement of the concept is beginning to sound a lot like censorship.
Sexual assault is something that you hear about and feel utterly appalled that these things go on in the world - but you also feel that you are in the middle of a safe bubble that will protect you from it ever happening to you... wrong.
Goldsmiths Students' Union has been forced to backtrack over an event which banned "white and/or male" attendees, following
The UK's Muslim Youth League has declared jihad against Isis saying terrorist groups have "no links with Islam or the Muslim