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There is a battle taking place across the country; students are demanding reform to education. For far too long students
Students at Sussex University have voted to boycott Israeli goods on their campus following the violent conflict in Gaza
With the start of the Easter holidays, and my third year of exams, I've decided to officially start my 'dry spell'. I'm showing zero tolerance to alcohol and no-platforming it from my life. Why now? Because I figured it's a better time than any. I need to smash out some revision and hangovers are not conducive to this, while none of my friends are around to go out anyway.
The co-founder of Vice magazine has sparker controversy by claiming that female students shouldn't attend Spring Break as
“Many times in my life I have felt like just giving up. There were days when I felt so isolated and alone that I was terrified
One in 20 students are selling their bodies for sex in order to pay their living costs while at university, major new research
Useful websites and helplines: Beaumont Society is a national self help body run by and for the transgender community | 01582
Three quarters of young men who are gay or bisexual don't receive any information about same-sex relationships at school
It's this kind of pressure from students which is prompting universities to crack down on lad culture. Cardiff University's
Edinburgh University students are up in arms after their student union banned strawpedoing as part of its "duty" to prevent
Westminster University has been accused of offering "appalling" protection to their students after two incidents on campus
International women's day should be more than just a day. It should be every day. But nevertheless, we're still going to
Hull University's student union has adopted a rather unusual way of implementing democracy... holding a referendum and then
A former Archbishop of Canterbury who features on the exterior of a London University looks set to be removed over his "offensive
Students from Durham University protested against their university’s plans to increase accommodation fees by 8%, after it
Bibles could be removed from student halls at Aberystwyth University after more than half of students said they found the
However Smurthwaite says the society had messaged her saying 34 tickets had already been sold - not the eight it claims. "In
A former gay student of Eton College has written an open letter detailing his experiences of bullying after a famous alumnus
Controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo may have made its way across the Channel to newsagents in the UK, but it won't be on
Social media networks such as Facebook can be easily addictive, because we are interested in what our friends are up to lately. After all, we are social animals who love our friends...