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If you are gay, you've been built up by the bullies, the 'h8ers', and the casual slurs. You've grown up into human beings who actually have to wake up and work out who they are without just casually simmering blandly into a ready-made, pre-fabricated adulthood.
A group of Aberdeen students' plan to open a 'Refugee Castle' for asylum seekers ended in tatters after they failed to raise
A survey of students at the University of Melbourne has uncovered a shocking trend of sexism in the Physics department. In
Swansea University has banned the religious group Freedom Church over concerns about the way it was recruiting students. Following
The London Student, Europe’s largest student newspaper, has been revived as an independent digital platform six months after
Lad culture has gone from quietly pervading every square inch of campus life to being called out, tackled and shot down - all
Whose University? is a campaign calling on Cambridge University to change the way it prioritises its students The Whose University
One of Supermax's offensive posters showing a woman licking a clenched fist which appears to be pinning her down by the face
We live in a country where same sex couples can legally marry and gay pride festivals wind through streets, so why are there
Could you face the sticky floors, perpetual pushing and tinnitus-inducing music of student clubs without a "vodka blanket
Students across the country are staging occupations and protests after police were accused of using "extreme, disproportionate
The National Union of Students has launched a nationwide audit to investigate the scale of mainstream lad culture on university
A Cambridge University drinking society is being investigated after misogynist messages, including one rating women they
Students "dropped dead" outside a UCL Council meeting last Friday to protest the university’s reported £14.4m investment
When Natasha Barrett and her fellow feminist society members were dubbed "the ugly girls club" while running a stall on sexual
A petition to stop a UKIP MP from speaking on campus because students said they felt intimidated and degraded by the political
Faith, feminism and fashion; three words you don't usually hear in the same sentence - and a perception the newly launched
Tommy Robinson spoke at Oxford University on Wednesday night against a backdrop of protests over his appearance - and said
A preacher has been banned from appearing to speak at the University of East London after it reportedly emerged he had said
A row over free speech is brewing as students at Cardiff University gear up to vote on whether their union should officially