Is it a few days? Please, be yes. A few weeks? A few months?
From falafel burgers to cauliflower burrito bowls.
Enjoy the great outdoors with equally great food.
With macadamia caramel and chocolate vanilla sauce.
Hint: It doesn't involve the microwave or oven.
The hero crab acrobatically jumped out of the pan and leaped straight for the wok's on-switch.
You're invited out to dinner with a friend at the home of this person, about whom your friend is reluctant to say too much; his name will be Django or Salinger or Tarquin or something along those lines; there will be a heavy duty check shirt, big beard and unneeded eccentric spectacles - the first clues as to what you're in for.
They're sweet, rich and fluffy. And made in three short minutes.
It's easier than we think.
It's the last time you'll wrestle artichoke, celeriac and spaghetti squash.