I am not suggesting that we blinker ourselves to the prospect of Trump's regime - and, in particular, to the appointment Scott Pruitt as Head of the Environmental Protection Agency - but before the official inauguration, I believe we should hold our nerve.
The fight against climate change must not be used to mask injustices perpetrated against some the world’s most marginalised people in Western Sahara.
The United Nations 2016 climate change conference (COP 22), which met last week in Marrakech, Morocco, presented an historic
While it may sometimes feel like the ground is moving beneath our feet, there's one fundamental shift underway that is cause
This week the Paris Agreement to address climate change enters into force, just ahead of world leaders reconvening at the
Big business and the financial markets should stand and take notice, otherwise their continued climate slumber will lead to the destruction of massive shareholder value (and therefore the pensions of tens of millions) as well as many lives.
September 2016 will be remembered as the month when carbon dioxide levels failed to drop below 400 parts per million. Scientists claim that it is unlikely that levels will ever dip below this threshold again, and that we are headed for a future on an unstable, unpredictable planet. This latest news is yet another clear signal to world leaders that concrete and practical action must be taken to combat global warming.
Imagine this. The government are reviewing the national guidelines on sugar consumption. You would think that this decision would be made by a group of experienced, intelligent and nonpartisan professionals. Unbeknownst to us, 'industry bodies' and 'corporate sponsors' are ushered into the conversations. Therefore, in amongst the doctors, politicians and health professionals, representatives from Coca Cola, Nestle and Kraft appear.