Whether the SNP is bold enough to go further into the political hot potato of carbon taxing remains unclear. Time is of the essence and she was right to point out that countries should not be making impressive targets for the next two decades - but rather requires urgent action in the next two years. Nicola has raised the bar for the UK, and it will be interesting to see if Teresa May can meet her there with some ambitious policies of her own.
We are a civilization thanks to agriculture, and it is agriculture that will drive us out of the sad times in which our civilization finds itself today. In 1970, the Nobel Foundation awarded the Peace Prize to Dr Norman Borlaug, a pioneer wheat breeder who is considered to have saved over one billion lives thanks to his research vision.
The Paris Agreement on climate change gave the world real hope that through collective leadership and shared responsibility we can solve the problem that is climate change. Every nation has a part to play and its clear the UK Government needs to be doing more as a global leader on climate action.
A new open-letter from over 15,000 scientists worldwide is making headlines today, and it's quite likely you already know
Acronyms become a natural part of your conversation after a couple of days at the COP climate talks. One that's heard in every second sentence is NDCs - Nationally Determined Contributions - the offers to cut emissions that countries made in Paris in 2015, and that need to be being stepped up soon.
We can survive climate change. There is something simple and concrete that each of us can do. Telling and sharing stories, from the scientific to the personal, is one of our most important tools. However, they are different stories than the Fijian one.
Next month, world leaders will convene at COP23 in Bonn to embark on the second round of discussions about the future of