My dad’s illness puts him in a vulnerable position in this crisis. I couldn’t cope with the guilt of making his situation worse, writes Lucy Metters.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for COPD, but treatment and lifestyle changes can help relieve symptoms and slow progression of the disease. It is possible to live well with COPD. Here are my three top tips for treatments and lifestyle changes to coincide with World COPD Day on November 16 2016:
Today is the awareness day for a condition I have lived with for around 17 years called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is a life-long condition that makes it difficult to empty air out of your lungs because the airways have been narrowed. Though you've probably never heard of it, around 1.2m people in the UK are diagnosed.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but scientists have now revealed that smoking leaves a ‘footprint’ on
Long-term diseases are the leading cause of death in the UK - according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2013 there were over 360,000 deaths from long-term (chronic) diseases in England and Wales. That's 72 per cent of all registered deaths that year. Around 8 per cent of these deaths are caused by just one disease: COPD.
Thousands of patients with serious lung disease might have missed the chance of potentially life-saving early treatment because
According to recent statistics by Forum of international Respiratory Societies (FIRS), British people are ignoring the dangers
Are you constantly coughing and spluttering but never visit your GP because ‘it’s just a cough’? You’re not alone, as a recent
If you are over 40 and go for a routine visit to the GP anywhere in Europe, he will run a series of checks, but - even if he hears you cough - there is little chance that he will offer you a spirometry test, a simple way of measuring your breathing capacity and overall lung health.