Cancer is a marathon. You have to be positive to get through it. You'll probably start feeling a lot of pain around mile 20, but you know if you reach the finish line, you'll feel so elated, so full of joy and pride and sense of achievement, that it'll all be worth it.
The joy of waking early and padding downstairs to poke your finger through the numbered window, finding a bite sized treat ready and waiting for you is something I vow never to grow out of. Which is precisely why I was so excited to have been a part of the Models1 Charity Advent Raffle.
Finally, Kris Hallenga turned 30 yesterday so, technically, I can still refer to her as an older person (sorry, Kris). It's
A ground-breaking breast cancer awareness campaign has been deemed unfit for Facebook, because it contravenes their nudity
It's very hard to get breasts into advertising, even if those breasts are being checked for signs of cancer.
Spongy, squidgy, firm, bobbly. These are just a handful of words women are using to describe the way their breasts feel as
Previously, when a woman's nipples have appeared in a fashion ad or on Instagram, the image has been swiftly banned by the
Encouraging women to regularly check their breasts for signs of breast cancer could be doing more harm than good, a health
Most of us, had we been told at the age of 28 that we had terminal breast cancer, probably would have closed the curtains
This month The Sun newspaper started a new campaign that attempted to set Page 3 up as a supporter of breast cancer charities. This involved a front page featuring a topless model, with a commentary of how to check breasts for potentially cancerous lumps and suggestions of what to name your breasts.