The internet helps creative people circulate their content to millions, gaining influence, meaning and occasionally fame. Yet monetizing this goodwill is like wringing blood from a stone. Why? Because the internet unites three impulses that once lived separate lives.
The Premier League is to take legal action to make internet service providers block a website which streams live football
Regardless of if you're a proud parent taking pictures of your children or a professional photographer photographing news, weddings, portraits, landscapes and so on, all photographs uploaded to the internet will soon be in danger of getting stolen and used without your permission.
Something rather fundamental happened last week in Parliament Square. Not Lady Thatcher leaving Parliament and beginning her final journey to St Paul's - momentous event though that was. It took place on the opposite side of the Square, in the Supreme Court.
Richard O'Dwyer's mother Julia has spoken of her utter relief after her 24-year-old son signed a deal to avoid extradition
British student Richard O'Dwyer has signed a deal to avoid extradition to the US over copyright infringement allegations
A British law enforcement agency demanded that Google remove a video from YouTube criticising the force of racism. Google
Richard O'Dwyer is the Sheffield student who is currently wanted by the USA on copyright infringement charges. Richard has lived all his life in the UK, and he set up his website there. Under UK law he had committed no crime. However, the American authorities thought differently.
There's no doubt that film education in schools has set some of the UK film industry's best talent on their way to success - a fact well worth celebrating - but arguably its value extends far beyond just shaping the next generation of British talent.
The Dutch Considerati think tank reported some time ago that there is still widespread  downloading in the Netherlands. But