Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour is ready for a general election if Theresa May calls a snap poll – despite trailing the Conservatives
It's not about Trump, Clinton or Brexit, but because the operating system, the process by which decisions are made which is like working on an old version of Windows 95 in 2016. We can do better. People have done better. It is happening in small pockets in Iceland, Estonia, Argentina, America, Australia, and Taiwan.
Leader's Report Jeremy Corbyn reported on recent activities and preparations for 2017, including a possible General Election
The defining characteristics of Elites have traditionally been threefold. The first is their institutionalised access to information. The second, their exercise of influence. Thirdly, they controlled opinion and expertise in the public sphere.
Let's concede something straight off: virtually no one expected this. Not the Trump campaign which, according to CNN, believed it had lost when the early returns started coming in. Certainly not the Clinton campaign, which was about ready to start its victory celebrations when the polls began closing on the East Coast.
Meanwhile Labour Trails 17 Points Behind In New Poll
Momentum have announced a series of Jeremy Corbyn -themed concerts, in a move sure to wind up Labour moderates. The grassroots
Senior Labour MPs have expressed anger over the party’s new boundary proposals, which would allow Jeremy Corbyn to keep his
In his speech at Labour’s conference in Liverpool Jeremy Corbyn quoted a line of poetry from the American poet Langston Hughes