It doesn't matter if Jeremy Corbyn is elected as the Prime Minister or not in five years time. It's all about now. It's about strong opposition to the Tory myth of austerity, of bombing Syria, of the 'deficit'. It's about opening our eyes to the truth. The people will do the rest.
The European Union is built on a labyrinthine system of rules and regulations designed to ensure that all members have equal rights and responsibilities. Once member states start tearing up the rule book with impunity, the structure soon starts to crumble.
A spectre is haunting Britain. Indeed. Sounds familiar. The starting words of the Communist Duo themselves in the opening
Life's been rather scary over the last week, as David Cameron has warned that Labour's new leadership poses a threat to "our nation's security, our economic security and your family's security"...
What encapsulates all of Corbyn's shortcomings in yesterday's PMQs is a lack of drive and ambition. He seems quite content to remain as a critic, rather than a leader, to react, rather than seize initiative, and to create a socialist movement, rather than a socialist country. He is Labour's accidental leader. As if he went out in search for a Cheeseburger and ended up dining at the Ritz.
Recently, Jeremy Corbyn's respectful silence during a service to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of Britain, was met with widespread criticism. As though some how not respecting The Queen is a more offensive image to people, than the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing unimaginable terror and war...
That was the mood at the Refugee March where Corbyn spoke as well as I was strolling around with my camera noticing a sense of unity and hope for real positive change amongst everyone. From people welcoming refugees, to folks providing papers declaring it was the people's victory to the individuals attentively listening to a rarity.
Rising above petty politics The nature and quality of the media storm since Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour
We wanted Gandalf, not Paul Daniels or Debbie McGee, and despite a consistent right wing attack - a whole lot of jiggery
All those £3 Tories and the Telegraph who schemed on a 'wicked' plan to get Corbyn into leadership may regret their folly. Corbyn of course won on the back of a genuine Labour wave to steer back the party to its original mission. Contrary to the warnings of 'New' Labour, Corbyn is likely to confound e pundits and win the next elections.