So, Corbyn has been elected the new leader of the Labour Party, he seemingly appeared out of the political wilderness and
Let us escape from the straightjacket imposed by the "moneymen", and invest in the future of Britain through Quantitative Easing for people.
This is a vision worth striving for, matched with policies designed to deliver it. Who would Aneurin Bevan have supported as Leader of today's Labour Party? Answer: Jeremy Corbyn, no doubt.
I dislike nearly everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for, but I find him respectable, he has principles and stands by them.
Corbyn will ironically restore Labour's chances of winning by 2025 if not sooner. How soon will depend on how dexterous he is playing the great British political game, predictable but not certain.
Jeremy Corbyn has entered the Labour leadership race, and in a world of cardboard cut-out, stick-to-the-centre-and-don't-really-oppose politicians, he is rising to the top with the help of grass roots activists and supporters.