Those of us in the Labour party who have been staunchly sceptical of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership from the beginning often stand accused of not taking him or his supporters seriously enough. At Progress, we are keen to rectify this perception, and apply rigorous intellectual scrutiny to the Corbyn project.
'I have nothing to fear from Corbyn except the destruction of the Labour party'
JK Rowling is doubling down on her strident criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, claiming today the Labour leader “helps only Tories
I recently highlighted hypocrisy exhibited by the Labour Party's NEC when they banned certain 'offensive' words. The bias
Where are the cries of bullying and intimidation on their behalf? The emphasis on death threats faced by Corbyn himself and the tireless ridicule endured by his supporters? They are there, but they are drowned out by the cacophony of abuse and anti-Corbyn rhetoric.
Watching the Labour Party tear itself apart over a tweet or two is excellent entertainment. The right of the party is reeling from the rise of the Corbynistas and the left are desperately trying to keep control of the party machinery when their MP's are hostile to change.
The only answer is to go up to the battlements and look again to the West where, as in the best stories, the traduced brother sit in lonely exile. When will he come? Will he be dressed as Batman or as Superman? Will he be wearing lycra or leather? The last question at least is best left to those who enjoy fantisizing about such matters.
In spite of the unprecedented hourly drubbing that the media corps have dealt out on poor old Jeremy Corbyn, the man somehow