Core Exercises

Pilates combines resistance training with flexibility, which helps you build leaner, less bulky muscles. Combine long muscles with better posture and you'll naturally start to feel lengthened. The end result: when you feel taller, you look taller!
Conditioning our core doesn't mean we need to do 'hardcore' ab exercises. And for post-natal women, whose cores are compromised, it really should never be about starting there. Instead we need to learn how to re-connect with our core muscles - You can't strengthen a muscle your brain isn't talking to.
Backache and urine leakage, for example, suggest a weak core. Without strengthening your mid-section and pelvic floor, pelvic organ prolapse is a real risk. Your core includes your pelvic floor, and the entire system needs to function optimally for a strong midsection.
There have been several moments over the years – usually when watching Swan Lake or admiring the sinewy strength of a ballet