Corey Feldman

The filmmaker earned acclaim for helming The Lost Boys, St Elmo’s Fire and Batman Forever.
“I cannot in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes."
The recording has now been turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department.
Haim would’ve been a teenager at the time, according to the allegations.
Charlie Sheen has “absolutely denied” accusations of raping Corey Haim more than 30 years ago. The former ‘Two And A Half
‘Goonies’ star Corey Feldman has deleted a Twitter post that he shared following the death of his co-star Mary Ellen Trainor
They were cheesy and full of bright colours, big hair and even bigger shoulder pads, but the 80s were a seminal decade for movies. I know there are some notables that haven't made the cut, but I can't include everything. That is the nature of lists. They start and they end.
Corey Feldman has been booted off Dancing On Ice after giving his "best performance" on the show. The Goonies actor was kicked
EastEnders actress Laila Morse became the second celebrity to exit Dancing On Ice after she lost a skate-off against former