Because the polar vortex isn't just creating misery, you know. Congratulations, little corgi. Your excitement at your owner
It's a classic battle, as old as time itself. But who will win: Pudge the corgi - or the stairs? (Via Tastefully Offensive
Now, here's a contender for our Confused Dogs slideshow (see below). Not surprisingly, it's a Corgi (they do seem to be among
Corgis, it seems, are fast becoming the Internet's Cutest-Slash-Funniest Dogs. In recent weeks, we've had corgis vs mirrors
Corgnelius the corgi appears to be the Duncan Norvelle of the dog world. Because Corgnelius, you see, wants nothing more
This week, we've had both corgi puppies and goalkeeping cats - and now the two have come together, in some sort of perfect
Typical. You wait ages for one Confused Corgi Puppy video, and then two come along at once. Yes, hot on the furry little
Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Fiona. (No, really. This corgi's called Fiona. But we digress.) "So I thought I was filming
Poor old Bobo. Bobo the Corgi, that is. Bobo the Corgi who really doesn't want to take his medicine. And who can blame him
Even a pair of Australian pranksters couldn't dent Prince Charles' joy at the prospect of becoming a grandfather, as he joked