I thought I knew this part of Ireland pretty well until we arrived in Glengarriff and I quickly realised this is a part of my home county I have failed to explore. The view from our hotel upon check in was magical, the soft evening light reflecting on the bay.
If you enjoy driving, consider a trip around Ireland. Roads are relatively quiet, the scenery is varied and picturesque and you are never very far from the coast. Start at Dublin and pick up your hire car from the airport.
The English Market in Cork has more than 50 stalls making food or selling it. Here you can buy everything from apples to yams and it's the go-to place to find the very best of what Ireland's land and sea has to offer, all year round.
Kinsale, Co. Cork: Ireland's foodie paradise. Fishy Fishy, Crackpots, The Bulman's... There's no shortage of renowned restaurants in this small fishing village, just 25 minutes from Cork City.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's decision to spend a portion of their honeymoon in Ireland was met with some surprise. However, if their enthusiasm has tempted you to visit the Emerald Isle, you will most likely not be disappointed.
It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm tucking into a gorgeous Irish lamb stew. My friend Natalie is opposite me, equally enthusiastic about her seafood chowder. We're both gossiping away without a care in the world.
This Patrick's Day, remember there's more to Ireland than the stereotypes of potatoes, drink, and leprechauns (all of which we will still happily sell to you). With a population of just about 4.5 million, we also punch well above our weight in terms of musical talent. Here are ten Irish acts that burst with talent.
In the tense final moments of 'Travel One-Upmanship' it's handy to have some opposites up your sleeve. So when it's gone beyond the country, it's veering towards a championship point but it's still all left to play for in the details, just steer the topic towards something that completely contradicts what your rival did.
Using the tagline 'Take Charge of Change,' Being Young and Irish is a series of seminars organised by President Higgins whereby people aged between 17 and 26 can have their say on where Ireland is going.
Cork is lovely, the hospitality of the locals is outstanding. Liss Ard is the perfect getaway, secluded, private and peaceful. And yet there's still plenty to do if you are looking for an active holiday.