Some 7,700 people in the UK have been tested – but what happens when the result is positive?
The government has introduced new measures to try and stop the virus spreading in the UK.
Louise Hsin-Yuan Peng, who had been nowhere near virus danger-zones, said she received a "xenophobic" message after arriving in the UK.
What will happen if my employees become ill or the city is quarantined? The government’s silence is deafening, writes Darren Burn.
Both are branches of the County Oak Medical Centre in East Sussex.
Infectious disease experts warn that we know too little about the outbreak to say it will slow down with warmer weather.
Amid a lethal outbreak, China faces growing calls to ban wild animal markets for good.
Medics among four people diagnosed on Monday as GP surgery in Brighton closes "due to an urgent operational health and safety issue”.
Four more patients in England test positive as government warns of 'serious and imminent threat'.
So many Westerners only know my hometown in the context of the coronavirus outbreak.
Around 150 Britons will be flown back from the Chinese city and quarantined at a facility in Milton Keynes.
Dr Li was told by police to stop "spreading rumours" when he tried to warn about the new virus.
Talk of a conspiracy is likely overblown but the real number is almost certainly higher.
A third case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the UK.
Almost overnight, Britons of Chinese descent who were born and raised in the UK have suddenly all become tourists from China, journalist Vivian Song writes.
94 UK nationals and family members have already been evacuated from Wuhan.
“It’s a balance between challenging thought processes and having healthy caution."