corporal punishment

Physical punishment of children amounts to assault – and does more harm than good, according to experts.
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In the past week, social media in Indonesia has been buzzing with news of a student who filed a criminal lawsuit against
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An eight-year-old Chinese boy was stripped, tied to a tree and whipped in front of an applauding crowd by his own father
I have always been glad I was spanked as a child. I suppose it is because there was always a mutual and unspoken understanding that in spite of the rattan cane, they loved me more than life. My father would always say, "I scold you or beat you because I love you. You know this isn't easy for me."
These pictures show a man being given seven lashes in Indonesia after being found guilty of gambling, punishable by whipping
Schools need tough behaviour sanctions to rival corporal punishment as a deterrent for naughty pupils, teachers have warned