corporate culture

The word 'restructure' in the corporate world is enough to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who has endured one before.
It's a growing trend. Minutes in the office are carefully accounted for and it seems the risk of someone tripping over their mat and suing someone, outweighs the benefit of them staying pain free and happier because they are getting in some regular exercise.
If someone had said to me a couple of years ago I would put my head up above the parapet and start a movement to revolutionize the workplace for mothers and mother-to-be, I would have laughed. Then I would've curled up on my couch with the next series of 24 and forgotten all about it.
I met a friend in London recently for a few drinks and a chat about what he has been up to recently. He is a professional
A great friend's father has a printing company in Scandinavia. They have a complete ban on planned meetings. There is one
Back in 2013, a high-profile financier, with more accolades to his name than zeroes in his salary, "came out". Two years prior, another followed suit. What they both shared in their high-profile roles was matched by one other significant factor: they both "came out", of course, in admitting to mental health problems.
If you are a leader, believe me when I say that by embarking on the elevating leadership journey, you will not only quickly see changes in your teams; higher levels of engagement, more inspired cultures and better business results. You will all also be having more fun and live happier lives.
Our research into the characteristics of global leaders gives some indication as to the root of the problem. Analysing the motivational factors that drive the genders to senior positions worldwide, we see that there are stark differences between what matters to men and women as they climb the career ladder...
If you are lucky you will get plenty of advice as you forge ahead with your career...and of course there is always the internet to turn to now for comment and thought. But as I think about some of the things people have taught me over the years I often wish that I had learned them earlier - I wish someone had sat me down and just shared a few key pointers right at the beginning.
Or how I almost blew my chances in 7 'faux pas'. Fresh from university, and still fresh from a different culture, the idea