Corporate Governance

This is an ambitious agenda to repurpose businesses. Crucially though, there is a Parliamentary majority for bold action. We should seize that chance to create a new partnership between workers, management, and shareholders, building purposive companies that are focused on long-term and equitable success.
In short, they will need to engage. And once they've got into the habit they can and should also take leading roles in ‎other debates that are so critical to their businesses. It is past time for business to start taking politics and political risk much more seriously.
Governance is rarely high on a social business' agenda. In fact when setting up a social enterprise, the CEO or Director
Tesco was for many years a celebrated, expanding emblem of great British business success. But with that status also comes a responsibility to be an ambassador for good corporate governance.
Of the six thousand co-ops in the UK, the Co-operative Group is often the one to hit the headlines, and over the last eighteen months, despite a recent return to profit, often also for the wrong reasons...
Co-operative ownership might just be the best kept secret in the business world. A co-operative is a business, but a different kind of business: one which shares ownership among the people closest to it...
The past year has been one of extremes when it comes to women in leadership. We've had some 'vocal heroes' -- most notably Malala Yousafzai, but also Emma Watson promoting the He for She campaign
Last month's news that UK's biggest supermarket, Tesco, had overstated forecast profits by £250m, was understandably greeted with stunned incredulity by business analysts and commentators...
Fifa has to face up to the decision-making processes which are routinely scrutinised and alleged to be dishonest or improperly influenced. In the last four years, four members of its Executive Committee have been forced out on the basis of suspicions of bribery. For such a large and important global organisation, such negative perceptions are unsustainable.
This has not been an easy time for The Co-operative Group. The departure of its CEO, Euan Sutherland, and report by Lord Myners on boardroom failures, has prompted a good deal of public and private debate, not least around the model of governance that the business has.