A door malfunction on a coroner's van has led to a rather macabre traffic incident in Philadelphia. A dead body on a gurney
The body of a reclusive woman was eaten by her cats after it lay undiscovered in her home for several weeks, an inquest has
My mind has been much exercised recently after reading about a case which has come to light in Edinburgh. It involved a local council and the mummified corpses of an elderly couple. Following their deaths, in 1987 and 1994 respectively, their son had them embalmed in the hope that their family home might be turned into a mausoleum.
An advert by animal rights activists Peta featuring a coffin-shaped pasty has been slammed by obesity campaigners as a "laughable
Mystery shrouds the washed-up body of a tattooed man allegedly found with £3,000 in his pocket, after it emerged the man