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An advert for 'designer vagina' surgery has been banned for suggesting that women's bodies might be "unnatural". The ad, from
We aren't strangers to the number of negative characteristics that are attributed with both women and men who dare to go under the knife. Although, cosmetic surgery is now more accepted than ever before, a large number of people are still willing to name-call people who have done it.
I believe our new guidance addresses the issues that have come to light, and will help to improve and drive up those standards. Also, importantly, it should help people feel empowered to ask questions about the procedure they're considering, and to walk away if they're not satisfied at the answers they receive.
A record number of Brits underwent cosmetic surgery last year with more than 51,000 people having procedures to alter their
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What is driving this dramatic increase in requests for surgery? Is the reason for requesting surgery, really a deep-seated insecurity that is encouraging women to ask for a potentially mutilating procedure?
A woman who spent £43,000 on cosmetic surgery has spoken about how her "addiction" to beauty treatments nearly destroyed
It's only natural that we begin to consider monsters at this time of year: Halloween is upon us and vampires, witches and