Big cat is tracked and killed by wildlife officials.
Strangely, anyone past the first flush of peri-menopause who takes the trouble to look good is assumed to be out there touting their wrinkly wares. Sure, some gals don the leopard print jeggings in the hope of catching the eye and, with luck, other organs of firm, youthful gentlemen friends. But mostly we just want to look good for ourselves with no intention of picking off sick or wounded stragglers from migrating herds of young men. Roam free, my beauties - I'd rather have a cup of tea.
It's also an ego boost - we all want to feel wanted, and women of a certain age have often spent decades in a marriage where they've been neglected, and taken for granted. Life often gets routine, and many of my female clients have told me they've spent a lifetime working, cooking and cleaning, with barely any sex, and conversation that consists of the odd grunt! Where's the fun in that?
"It's not about age."
Can it be entirely coincidental that on the very same evening that the BBC bade farewell to its high-rating series about older people (New Tricks, in case you hadn't realised), it launched a new show about older people, Close To The Edge, a 7-part Reality TV show based around a group of older men and women living in Bournemouth?
From Channel 5, which brought us the unforgettable Guys And Dolls documentary, it is easy to take a cynical approach to the
The wine bar across the road is not one I have frequented during the day, at night it's loud, expensive and trendy, not my scene at all but I'm not here to review the bars and pubs of Essex. I'm here to study the growing number of cougars in Essex.
Just because Caroline Flack wants to find a husband in 2012, it doesn't mean it's Harry Styles. Apparently Ladbrokes are taking bets with odds at 16-1. I wonder what the odds are on leaving them alone?
Mothers of Gloucester might want to lock up their sons as the countryside town has been voted the ‘cougar capital’ of the
Hollywood actress Demi Moore has announced that she is divorcing her toy boy husband Ashton Kutcher of six years, following