counterfeit goods

The lack of contact details on illegal websites links to why it is so difficult to clamp down on this opportunistic crime. Site creators can mobilise themselves quickly to set-up websites, make a profit and then destroy all traces of their activity before moving onto new sites.
Pressures on our wallets has led to 22% of shoppers knowingly buying fake fashion goods, forcing genuine luxury retailers
Ouch, it's still there, counterfeiting raising its ugly head again. In the latest report, more than 20,000 counterfeit bags
London has narrowly avoided being flooded with fake Olympic-branded condoms. The counterfeit rubbers were seized by Westminster
Thousands of fake Olympic goods have been seized at ports and airports across the UK in the run-up to next month's Games
Apparently as a result of the Proview iPad trademark infringement verdict, some local Administrations of Industry and Commerce
A senior detective attacked Britain's "Only Fools and Horses" culture today as a gang faced gaol for a fake goods empire
Revellers looking to buy cheap alcohol to see in the New Year have been warned about the dangers of counterfeit vodka. Council