counting calories

We have been obsessed with calorie counting for years. It's all based on the calories in vs. calories out method of weight loss. As long as you eat less than you burn off, you will lose weight and everything will be fine. Right? Wrong. It's not quite as straightforward as that.
It's easy to get confused about whether you're on the right track for healthy eating, but I've noticed recently that there seems to be too much focus on calories and not enough on nutrients. So I just want to take a minute to help you make sure you're getting enough nutrients from your food.
For decades we have been told that when it comes to weight loss you need to count calories. Put less in than you use up and you lose weight. It's the perfect equation... except that it isn't! Playing the calorie counting game doesn't work in the long term and even in the short term it may do more harm that good.
Got a craving for the sweet stuff? You're not alone. One in three Brits admit to fighting stress with sugary snacks, but
Years ago, I worked for a charity that was linked to a major chocolate manufacturer. One of the perks of the job was a staff shop, where chocolate was available at a considerable discount. I learnt very quickly that it was a very bad idea for me to go to the shop, because I didn't save money, I just bought more chocolate. And I ate it.
If you do choose to count calories, don't simply count calories. We want to get the right foods, in the right amounts, not simply hit our calorie requirement regardless of the foods. This is where a macronutrient framework is useful, as it ensures that not only do we eat within our specific calorie requirements, but that we also get both the essential micro and macronutrients that we need.
Fats are NOT the devil & fat doesn't make you fat. Your body needs fat! Your weight loss and ultimately health will suffer if you are NOT giving your body enough fat. Good dietary fat is used to build the outer lipid layer of every cell in the body, and if that layer is impaired, your ability to process carbohydrates will be impaired, and you'll get fatter.
For the next 21 days I will be eating at least 5,000 calories a day! Using the conventional theory of calories in calories out I should put on just shy of 6kg of fat! My diet will consist of eggs, fish, meat, nuts and green vegetables.
Now don't get me wrong, in terms of weight management having the right energy balance is important, you can have too much energy or too little energy from food. Calories can give you sort of a ball park figure, but for measuring energy in food, especially for weight loss, they aren't particularly accurate or even scientific.
It’s a battle that’s all too familiar to millions of people – on one side is a packet of biscuits, the sofa and a DVD, on