Fresh, homemade pesto is one of the greatest ingredients I like to have stored in my fridge. One would usually think of basil pesto, however I recently experimented with another beautiful green vegetable cavolo nero.
These fritters are great gobbled up as they are or with an array of dips. Or with some baked ham and eggs. Babies rather like them, though be careful how many they eat as halloumi is rather salty. Basically, they're the most versatile fritter in the world.
These are the most delicious little bites. I recently catered for a wedding and we made hundreds of these babies for one of the canapés. They went down a storm! Serve them up with tzatziki or hummus and pass them round for all to enjoy.
Courgettes are quite bland and so it can be difficult to get children to eat them as a vegetable. So what I always do is bake courgettes in the oven, stuffed full of tasty and fresh ingredients and suddenly they are turned into the main event.
The spiralizer is a godsend for pasta-dependents like me and yes, this is all my own work I suppose there's always rice. Or
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of eating courgette flowers, I have to say that in terms of flavour you've not missed out on much, but what I love about them is that, no matter how they are prepared, they always look exquisite and are such a versatile receptacle for showcasing great flavour and texture combinations.
For meat-eaters, it is of course the season for grouse. 12 August marks shooting season, and we'll start to see game flooding
Not only do vegetables look like our bits they can heal them too. Okay hear me out. This is something I have discovered this