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The police are facing an "unrealistic and unworkable" situation in the wake of a decision to award £28,250 damages to a severely
The father of former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie walked out of court on Thursday as details were given about how her
A friend of former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie told a jury today how she comforted Ms McCluskie's brother, unaware
Two men have been convicted of carrying out "ritualistic" sex abuse on children as part of a witches' coven. Peter Petrauske
Carillion hospital managers at a Swindon hospital demanded gifts from foreign workers in return for time off, according to
Should a woman be allowed to undergo IVF, if her partner has been convicted of a sexual offence? According to a patient review
Back in 2008 Christian Louboutin sued Spanish fashion chain Zara over a pair of open-toe shoes which were of a similar design to Louboutin's Yo Yo style with its iconic red sole (which has been a signature of the brand for over 20 years).
A bus driver accused of killing a Cambridge University medical student and dragging her body for more than half a mile under
A Briton who spent two decades on Death Row could be sent back to jail in America after admitting threatening a judge who
Occupy London protesters who lost their bid to stay camped outside St Paul's Cathedral have launched an appeal against their