cover versions

Here's a slice of joy for '80s children! And, indeed, everybody else. It's 'noisemaker/shapeshifter' Andrew Huang's latet
Kawehi Wight, take a bow. For this Kansas-based musician really is quite something - as demonstrated by her vocals-only version
Ordinarily, this would just be a video of a woman doing a very good cover version of a Disney song. But with the addition
For a woman to sing 'Wuthering Heights' in its original key is impressive enough. But a fella? Even more impressive, we're
And trust us - you don't need to have seen the film or know the song (though we've posted it below) to find this video a
There are cover versions and there are mash-ups. But there are cover versions that make you hear a song in a whole new light
Forget about hiring a Jackson Five tribute band to play at your function - try Oh No Fiasco from Knoxville, Tennessee, instead
And understandably so. Because it's the only military cover version of a James Bond that you need to hear today. Or possibly
Loving Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' but possibly getting a teensy-weensy bit bored of hearing it everywhere? Then sit back, click
Know those YouTube videos where one musician plays all the instruments in a song? Where they do that split-screen thing, so