A packed passenger train has crashed into an escaped herd of cows causing chaos on a train travelling through Oxfordshire
Ever seen cows dance? Okay, ever seen cows leap for joy? Or rubbing their faces into the earth for a good scratch, or bumping
Milk and veal go hand in hand -- one does not exist without the other. If the thought of animal suffering bothers you, remember: you don't have to support an industry that tears calves away from their mothers for milk or for veal.
There are a number of tried-and-true excuses for train delays and everyone's used to hearing. Leaves on the line, the wrong
In their day-to-day lives, dogs and cows don't tend to see much of each other. Farm dogs, sure, but little boxer puppies
A move towards milking cows in intensive American style 'mega dairies' would be bad for farmers' incomes as well damaging
The Labour Party's announcement that they want the government to review its decision to cull badgers suggests the animals
Caroline Spelman's announcement of the Government's intention to sanction the slaughter of badgers last week was devastating, not only because of the obvious implications for the future of one of our most iconic wild mammals, but because once again she has ridden rough shod over the opinion of scientists and the public.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A cow's stomach could hold the key to creating more environmentally friendly versions of petrol and