Anger was the overriding emotion on social media as news came through regarding the death of Rashan Charles following a car
The Constitutional Court has appointed experts to oversee the handover of grants from CPS to Sassa.
It has now been revealed that CPS CEO Serge Belamant will continue making R651,000 a month from CPS' parent company, Net1.
Contrary to Theresa May's assertion that this proves that her party 'did nothing wrong' it more aptly demonstrates how urgently our electoral laws need reform.
She spent R2.4 million in taxpayer's money on a luxury BMW and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The fund manager has research into social grant provider, CPS, and the outcomes have confirmed the fears of NGOs.
The minister of social development says the claims are "speculative reports disguised as an investigation".
The separation of powers is an entrenched principle, but sometimes one arm of state must remind the others of their responsibilities.
After years of denying the claim, a new investigation says Net1 and CPS are using grantees' data to sell them other financial services.
"First they steal our money, and then we are forced to beg them for a loan."