Update: Since going to press, Princes have confirmed with HuffPost UK Lifestyle that they have tested the creature and concluded
When Zoe Butler opened a tin of Princes tuna to make her daughter's dinner, nothing could've prepared her for what she'd
UPDATE: Sod Crabzilla, Now Budapest Is Under Attack From A Furious Giant Behold – there is a ocean-dwelling beast lurking
Well, it was Sam Adams. Clearly, the crab has taste. Yes, just check out the moment a cheeky crustacean decided to go one
July brings a glut of succulent summer fruit and vegetables. The trees and hedgerows are laden with berries, ripening peaches
The Imagination Series film competition is an opportunity for anyone from any walk of life to unlock their imagination and
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This is a recipe that makes a small amount of crab meat go a long way. The addition of the tomatoes and courgettes makes the flavor much sweeter and really brings out the taste of fresh crab meat. If you can get hold of a crab and cook it yourself then the result will be much better but you can get a good result with picked pasteurised crab meat.
A shell is a shell is a shell, right? Well, she who sells sea shells on the sea shore might disgree with you, but Harry the
A new species of yeti crab found below the surface of the Southern Ocean has been nicknamed “The Hoff” because of its hairy