Crack cocaine

These are the substances driving county lines operations and how much Britain’s most popular drugs cost.
Until we address why so many more people are looking to escape reality, this crisis is going to get worse
Campaigners say fixed odds betting terminals are like "crack cocaine"
Zakaria Mohammed has been likened to a modern-day Fagin from Oliver Twist.
I was a high-school tennis player and planned to become the next Arthur Ashe. But once it was discovered that I could not read or write, my dream of becoming a sports star was over. I knew my tennis career was no longer a reality. I found myself pretty much lost, not knowing what my next move would be...
Within 2 years I had gravitated to one of the hardest drugs known, crack cocaine, and nearly lost everything I had worked so very hard for including my family and long lasting friendships. In this time I also contracted HIV.
Toronto's mayor Rob Ford does not look like a man caught smoking crack cocaine, stripped of most of his powers and humiliated
While the term 'crack cocaine' is bandied about regularly on the news and in Hollywood films, it's safe to say the majority
Incredible news: cocaine makes you stupid. That's right, you heard it here first. For years, models/actors/whatever have been on the C-Plan diet in the hope that not only will it make them skinny but also interesting and sexy as well. Turns out they were wrong on all counts.
"Toronto's crackhead mayor" headlined a Rob Ford story this week in the New York Post and this morning "Sorted For He's And