Craig Colton

We must admit that all those rumours about Britney possibly joining the judging panel of the US X Factor made us forget all
He might not have even made it to the final three on last year's X Factor but that hasn't stopped Craig Colton from teaming
After sinking a few too many Marcus took a tippy tumble as he left the club, nearly getting acquainted with the pavement
After being accused by a headmistress of harming children by "glamourising bullying and arrogant behaviour", could the X
Craig Colton could have a licence to thrill this week after he hinted he might be belting out a Bond theme on X Factor. The
In essence, the X Factor UK isn't a singing competition anymore. In fact, it's become something of a freak show. A farce. And ironically, nothing highlights that more than Simon Cowell's brand spanking new baby, the X Factor USA.